Attorney - Common Pleas

Franklin County Public Defender Office

Position: Attorney - Common Pleas

Starting Salary: Subject to applicants experience and Director's discretion

Deadline: Open

Instructions: Applicants interested in the above position, please submit your resume and cover letter to or fax to 614-461-6470. 

Provides direct legal representation to indigent persons charged with criminal offenses. In Franklin county Ohio.


1. Represents indigent clients, from the earliest possible time, which may include negotiating appropriate charges with police, prosecution, and continuing representation until the conclusion of the case. This includes, but is not limited to, all trial court appearances, post-trial motions, post-conviction remedies, and motions for judicial release.

2. Advises clients on the legal and practical ramifications of the various steps in the criminal proceeding.

3. Determines legal strategy to be employed at all stages of a case and, along with assistance from investigators and/or law clerks, seeks out facts and circumstances surrounding the charges. Researches legal questions and examines the procedures used by police and prosecuting authorities to assure that the constitutional rights of each client are not violated and, if a violation appears, performs such legal services as are necessary to ensure that these rights are protected.

4. Representing clients in trial, whether before a jury or the Court, determines and utilizes the most appropriate trial tactics as required for each individual case.

5. Prepares all legal briefs in the Trial Court as applicable, as well as various related legal motions, memoranda, etc.

6. Maintains an ongoing knowledge of criminal law, legislative activities, current policing and prosecuting procedures and other criminal justice activities, including significant court decisions.

7. Counsels clients, assisted by social workers when appropriate, about the rehabilitation process. Also advises clients of community resources and/or social agencies available to assist them in living crime free productive lives.

8. Performs similar and related duties, or duties as may be designated by the Unit Chief. Responsibilities include conducting interviews with clients incarcerated in Local, State, or Federal facilities.

ATTORNEY, STAFF I, II, III, IV (continued)


1. Juris Doctorate degree from an accredited school of law.

2. Must be licensed by the Supreme Court of Ohio to practice law in the State of Ohio.

3. Experience:

• Attorney I requires no previous experience but must have demonstrated interest in criminal law and representing indigent clients. Exemplary performance as law clerk in public defender activities is also desirable but not mandatory.

• Attorney II generally requires a minimum of five (5) years exemplary experience as Attorney I or the equivalent and ability to advise and assist in training of Attorney I.

• Attorney III requires a minimum of five (5) years exemplary experience as Attorney I and an additional two (2) years of exemplary experience as an Attorney II. Attorney III also requires outstanding writing skills, demonstrated ability in preparing briefs and/or other legal documents and ability and disposition to carryout extensive legal research.

• Attorney IV generally requires a minimum of ten (10) years exemplary experience. Ability and disposition to handle trial and appellate death penalty cases is required in Common Pleas and Appellate Units

4. Must have ability to effectively communicate with clients, judges, police officers, other officers, prosecutors, attorneys, and other officers, as well as caseworkers and community service providers.

5. Ability to maintain confidentiality of information, including client and personnel data

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