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The OACDL Store Is Open!

The  OACDL  Store Is Open!

One feature of the new OACDL website is a ‘store’ where you can buy OACDL apparel.  The store offers unisex tee shirts, sweatshirts, polos, and jackets.  It also has ladies’ tee shirts, polos and pullovers. 

To shop at the store, visit the OACDL website and, in the ‘Members Only’ section, choose ‘STORE’. 

The OACDL Store is operated by ARES Sportswear, so orders are placed with and fulfilled by ARES.   The OACDL was given the option of adding a surcharge to each order for fund-raising but decided against it, so OACDL does not profit financially from the sale of OACDL apparel.

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